This year, I was fortunate to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my niece. She’s a wonderful eleven-year old who, at any given moment, will say whatever comes to her mind with searing truth and goodness … whether you are ready for it or not!

The fact that she was born without a filter is one of her greatest gifts.  I could regale countless and funny examples of unfiltered quotes she’s bestowed on me but one of the standouts goes like this …

One year, when my niece was eight-years old, I was in NYC on business and staying at her house for the evening. While spending time together … she showed me a sparkly outfit that she planned to wear for picture day and she was my shadow following me into the bathroom while I freshened my make-up. She’s not used to seeing make-up as my niece, her paternal grandmother and her mother, do not wear make-up. She watched me intently as I put on some lipstick and asked, “Paula, why do you wear make-up?”

I explained to her that I grew up with a grandmother and mother that liked to wear make-up.  And, when I wore it, it made me feel more put together and confident, and that’s what I knew. She replied, “That’s silly, Paula. You don’t need to do that.  No one tops you.”

And, in a moment of eight-year old grace and wisdom, she gave me a sweet reminder, that I so often like to give to others … that no one does top you.  YOU, in your truest form, are all you ever need to be … make-up or no make-up.

How freeing is that?