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Comprehensive Assessment Process
The collection of data on strengths and style, motivators and emotional quotient to easily identify how to transform in areas of growth.

Talent Analytics Performance Style & Ambitions Assessment
As a Certified Training & Development Partner to Talent Analytics, one of the premier individual and team assessment solutions, High Impact takes the data and makes it relevant for organizational performance.

Emotional Quotient Assessment (EQ)
While competency and behaviors are necessary for top performers, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills are necessary for long-term success. EQ improves predictions of how people will react in different situations, a critical component in building and maintaining leadership trust.

Qualitative 360° Feedback
One of the most profound exercises either to begin a coaching engagement, or as insightful data during an engagement, the output and coaching on the feedback, helps a client understand his/her perception within the organization. A series of targeted questions are agreed upon prior to High Impact speaking to 8-10 key stakeholders in the clients’ success within an organization. The feedback report provides the narrative and also synthesizes actionable themes to quickly increase leadership influence and effectiveness.

Sales Assessments
Good sales reps are key to organizational growth and profitability. Depending on your industry, the type of sale ( product/service) and the length and complexity of sale, the type of sales person to best fit the role will vary, yet good sales hunters are wired with some similar attributes to win and close the deal. High Impact has worked with international organizations to benchmark sales positions and assess final candidates in the hiring process. This results in better selection for the job fit, quicker integration into the role and higher retention rates. Learn more about how the High Impact sales assessment tools and process can help you secure the sales people that are best fit for your organizations needs.

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