I rarely watch TV. Not because I have any judgment about watching it. I just simply don’t have it in my repertoire of daily activities. Yet, on a recent airplane trip, I happened upon the documentary “Dying Laughing.” I felt so grateful to be captivated by the naked rawness and profound nuggets this gem of a movie delivers. Through an array of intimate interviews with comedians, such as, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman, Gary Handling, Kevin Hart and many others, you hear soul-baring and spiritual take-aways that are full of grit, humor and lots of F-Bombs. That combination was surprisingly riveting to me. These artists summed up what countless years of coaching and leadership development have taught me…

1There is no safety-net

You are going to bomb, and bomb again. Trying to avoid it will just delay the inevitable. Get out there. Stand up to your fear. Bare your soul. Get booed … and then go do it again. This is how you get the laugh – the proverbial high in your own life.

2Find your stage

You have to want it. If you don’t have passion, conviction, courage and more belief in yourself than the audience that might heckle you … you are on the wrong stage. Find your stage. Get out there and give your talent to the world.

3Know what you are in it for

What’s that thing that keeps you going back for more? What’s that thing that is your high, your gift, your impact? Jerry Seinfeld talks about the moment when his joke unites the audience through shared laughter. For that one moment, they are all connected. That reaction is his ultimate pay-off on the impact he brings to the world.

4Lastly (and I think most importantly) Get over yourself

One of my favorite lines in the documentary was by a comedian who said, “I don’t know many well-adjusted, spiritual people that are funny”. Which I translate to mean – we all have our stuff. If you don’t take risks, if you don’t bare your soul and instead you play safe and small, you are not going to get the laugh, which after watching this documentary, you may want to reconsider!

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