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Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy, and then to help orchestrate the energy of those around you. – Peter Drucker

The High Impact process accelerates and strengthens the most sought after leadership skills. Experienced Leaders have proven their abilities by taking risks, managing change and forging innovation. They’ve reached positions of power and authority. They’re global leaders who will leave their unique imprint and potential legacy within an organization and possibly, the world.

C-suite executives by the nature of their position and responsibilities, become increasingly isolated and disconnected from the people and conditions that built their success in the first place, including themselves. They typically find the high demands and increased challenges require a new formula to maximize personal capacity that positively cascades throughout the organization. As a confidential advisor, High Impact reconnects executives to their energy source – the power to drive purpose, meaning, clarity and inspiration for themselves and the people they serve.

While the High Impact Executive Coaching process is customized to the leader’s agenda, our process further evolves visionary leadership, team performance, communication, integrity and legacy.

Inspirational & Visionary Leadership
A customized process to elicit the characteristics that naturally garners trust, influence, respect, performance, efficiency and growth for self and other.
Team & Relationship-Building
Leading and developing strong and high-performing leadership teams.
Communication & Presentation
Effective communication is a vehicle to adoption and execution within the organization. Executives continually master the “how” of their delivery to inspire quick and purposeful action.
Your reputation and ethical conduct are your personal brand. Despite the pressures, temptations and justifications, High Impact tethers clients to their strongest leadership asset.
Legacy & Succession Planning
What will be your legacy as a leader? Start with the end in mind, and work back from there. Consciously make decisions that ensure long-term organizational and talent sustainability.

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