A sweet spot is a combination of qualities or factors that come together for an optimal outcome. I use this term frequently in team and leadership coaching because finding it is a game changer to accelerate engagement and performance. It’s the place where you have the greatest authentic power and the greatest ease happening simultaneously. Who wouldn’t want that?

Operating from your sweet spot happens when WHO we are (values, meaning and purpose) are aligned with HOW we operate (natural strengths and abilities) Resistance, stress and struggle melt away not because they no longer exist, but because our capacity and ability to make different choices is crystal clear from this place. It’s the magic algorithm for living and working with a heightened level of engagement and fulfillment.

Finding and doing something with your sweet spot isn’t easy, yet always worth the effort and outcome. I’ve helped hundreds of clients and teams connect to theirs, and guarantee it’s a place worth finding.

Here’s an exercise to get started.

Without over thinking, make a list in each of the following 3 categories:

1. What is meaningful or important to you?
2. What is pleasurable to you or you enjoy doing?
3. What are your strengths or what are you good at?

From your list, what are the areas that overlap?

For example, one of mine is working with people to help them find his/her authentic leadership potential. It’s important to me, I enjoy it and I am good at it. When I found my sweet spot, I left my corporate job, opened my business, tripled my income and achieved a work/life balance that enabled me to have it all. It’s what I wish for everyone.

If you’d like to discuss in more detail, schedule an Open Office session today.

Here’s to finding your SWEET SPOT!

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