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Teamwork remains the one sustainable competitive advantage that has been largely untapped. Teamwork is almost always lacking within organizations that fail, and most often present within those that succeed. – Patrick Lencioni
High Impact’s Team Cohesion Program is built on three core pillars. When you bring a group of high-performers together, the energy of the collective talent is palpable. The greatness (and combined salaries) is impressive. Yet, teams often struggle to effectively leverage individual talent and work together.
When working on a team, leaders who have been rewarded for driving results in his or her segment of the business will have to put aside their agenda to support the greater good of the organization. Typically, this brings out some challenging dynamics, such as low trust, lack of commitment, fear of accountability and the inability to communicate in a productive and constructive way.

 Building cohesive teams is essential in today’s competitive landscape. It is the #1 request from stakeholders that hire High Impact for team development and coaching.

Pillar 1: Team Immersion
Immersion of the individual team members via a Performance Style & Ambitions assessment (4-6 weeks before Team Session). A customized debrief session to promote personal awareness and accountability before the team session. A dynamic and confidential pulsing team survey that illuminates the top areas of focus.

Pillar 2: Facilitated Team Session
A customized program based on the team’s areas of opportunity. A reveal of aggregated team analytics to provide buy-in and actions based on the collective strengths/opportunities of the team. The delivery and implementation of the Team Playbook to foster greater communication effectiveness and teaming.

Pillar 3: Execution & Sustainability
A dynamic pulse survey of the team on the initial areas of focus to the current state (6-8 weeks after Team Session). Team coaching session to drive accountability to team commitments.

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