Team Cohesion    Strengths & Opportunities

High Impact team sessions range in scope and topics from 5-year strategic vision with 70 people to communication and cohesion of a diverse, multi-generational, international team of 10. While the topics and numbers vary, the tools and methodology to reveal the system typically include:

Early Team Diagnostics
Getting a confidential pulse on a teams perspective is critical in designing a customized and targeted team development solution. Depending on the size and scope of the opportunity, High Impact offers interview, electronic or dynamic pulse survey capabilities. Regardless of the method, this process enables team input on critical success metrics before and after team sessions to track progress and return on investment.

Aggregate Team Analytics
The data gathered from the team members prior to the session, is aggregated to see the team composite of strengths and opportunities.  Rich dialogue and exercises are conducted to leverage this information for the team’s goals.

Aggregate Assessment Snapshot
This Fortune 500 Leadership team (right) was comprised of business leaders in North America, Europe and Asia that were operating in silos, low on trust/transparency and struggling with effective communication. After the team saw the collective results, immediate ownership and objectivity allowed the team to problem solve based on the data versus each other.
Team Playbook
Leveraging the assessment output combined with customized questions, the team playbook is comprised of a one-page “Tip Sheet” for each team member to better understand communication tips and traps, preferred operating style and strengths and environmental and engagement strategies. Playbooks are useful in on-boarding a new team or team members to an established team.
Team Coaching
A one-year program where the leader and team are coached for sustained performance. This program is comprised of many of the team solution components yet distinct in the duration and scope of the process.

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