My clients are brilliant.  They are creative, resourceful and whole. When you combine that with a growth mindset, the outcome is awe-inspiring transformation.

The epiphanies shared below are from a client I had the privilege to work with as part of a year-long premier leadership development program that included individual coaching.  At the end of our time together, he summarized the tools, strategies, insights and new habits he learned.  While I love them all, #10 is my favorite.  What’s yours?

#1 Immersive Leadership Training + Individualized Coaching = Transformation.
If you are ready.

#2 Be yourself! Everyone else is taken.
Open up; let your uniqueness show; understand your motivations & style.  Be authentic to them.

#3 Leadership is a 3-Ring Circus.
Play in all 3 rings.  Leadership behaviors; individual contributor behaviors; personal growth behaviors.

#4 You can always communicate … BETTER!
More is less for those with alternative agendas; More is more for those who share your agenda; Less is always more ( although paradoxically it takes more work.)

#5 Reach Out.
For new contacts (and old friends, mentors, advisors & collaborators).  Whenever you feel the boundaries or challenges of your job giving you tunnel vision (or putting you in a rut) reach out for new insight;  a different perspective.  Ask for help…or offer it.  If it’s not a habit…make it one.

#6 Find Your Achilles Heel and Do Something about it.
See above.

#7 Every Team Needs a Different Playbook.
See others as they are, not as you wish they would be.  Find the playbook that will work best for each team; each boss, each individual.

#8 Make Your Own Weather.
Positive engagement comes from positive engaged leaders!  You make the weather for your team; if you let every storm blow over you & your team – you’re sunk.

#9 Remember What Makes You Tick!
What do you love to do?  What are you best at?  When are you most engaged?  Build, create, transform…together!

#10 Personal Growth is Addictive. …. and legal.
Get some more.