We all have “super-powers”, unique talents or attributes that when applied to the right activity produces unimagined results. The problem is … we often minimize them or can’t see them until it’s revealed to us through a person or experience that pulls it out of us.

My super-power is my resourcefulness, which allows me to see possibility. It’s something I underestimated for many years until I realized it has been the single biggest factor in my success. Let me explain my “aha” moment …

When I was in my mid-twenties, I was working two jobs while also pursuing my Master’s Degree at Boston University. One evening, while driving to my night job, I was at a treacherous intersection at the top of a hill on a double-lane highway. On this particular night, the light at the intersection was stuck at red. I was the third car in line, watching in horror as the lead car inched into traffic and I kept thinking, “Someone is going to get seriously hurt.” I looked around and saw a small retail shop on the corner and thought of going in to ask them to call the police (this was before cell phones were widely used), but realized that it would take too much time. So I put my car in neutral, ran to the light post and pushed the pedestrian walk button, which immediately tripped the light to green!

As I ran back to my car, the other motorists beeped and waved to thank me for solving the problem. That’s when I realized there are two types of people in this world …  those who get stuck by a problem, and those that see possibility.

I see possibility.