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High Impact – Strengths and Performance

How to find and utilize your signature strength for an 18x more likely chance of flourishing in the workplace

No One Tops You

This year, I was fortunate to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my niece. She’s a wonderful eleven-year old who, at any given moment, will say whatever comes to her mind with searing truth and goodness … whether you are ready for it or not! The fact that she was born without a filter is one […]

A 4-Step Process to Set Your Mind Free

I believe people want to be their best and flourishing self. However, often in life, our old behaviors and legacy thinking can be our nemesis. I’ve seen this play out over and over in my years as an executive coach. Limited beliefs that are deeply ingrained can seem “normal” when that is not the case. […]

When Comedy Gets Serious: Insights from ‘Dying Laughing’

I rarely watch TV. Not because I have any judgment about watching it. I just simply don’t have it in my repertoire of daily activities. Yet, on a recent airplane trip, I happened upon the documentary “Dying Laughing.” I felt so grateful to be captivated by the naked rawness and profound nuggets this gem of […]

How Gabby Bernstein had my back

When my son Alexander was little, and having a bad day, I would read him the book, “Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”.  It’s a story about a boy who went to sleep with gum in his mouth and woke up with his gum in his hair.  His day continued to […]

Top 10 Leadership Epiphanies

My clients are brilliant.  They are creative, resourceful and whole. When you combine that with a growth mindset, the outcome is awe-inspiring transformation. The epiphanies shared below are from a client I had the privilege to work with as part of a year-long premier leadership development program that included individual coaching.  At the end of […]

A Crash Course in Possibility

We all have “super-powers”, unique talents or attributes that when applied to the right activity produces unimagined results. The problem is … we often minimize them or can’t see them until it’s revealed to us through a person or experience that pulls it out of us. My super-power is my resourcefulness, which allows me to […]

Making a Difference in Client’s Lives: An Interview with Paula G.

PR professional, Kathleen Keating, sat down with Paula Goudsmit to talk about the essence of her High Impact approach in coaching emerging and experienced leaders as well as dynamic global teams. Paula shared that it is important to “get underneath and see what is there” when attempting to find the root cause that can inhibit […]

Why Finding Your Sweet Spot Matters

A sweet spot is a combination of qualities or factors that come together for an optimal outcome. I use this term frequently in team and leadership coaching because finding it is a game changer to accelerate engagement and performance. It’s the place where you have the greatest authentic power and the greatest ease happening simultaneously. […]